A Few Words From My Tribe  
“I am nearing the end of my work with Femke, and I emerge with newfound hope, confidence, and practical tools to help me long term. Femke embodies the spirit of “unconditional positive regard”: she was absolutely present and committed to me and my development with whole-hearted good will and belief. She helped me to define and name my dragons in a real and practical way; if one tack wasn’t working she would regroup and try another, exhibiting intelligence and flexibility. She cut through my layers of negative self-regard without pandering. Femke is authentic and grounded in a way that I didn’t realize was possible to be when we first started work together. And all of this was done in her non-native language! I am so grateful.” — Ann Kuhn, Reno, NV
“Femke is a superb source of expertise and guidance for anyone interested in improving their meta-coaching skills or personal growth. I have had the privilege of attending Femke’s training and been a part of an online practice group that she has facilitated. I have learned a great deal from Femke’s constructive feedback and presentations and highly recommend that others take the opportunity to learn from her as well.” — Janine Rosart, janinerosart.com, Canada
“I’ve had the privilege of knowing and receiving training from Femke Stuut.
I witnessed first-hand Femke’s skill at coaching and training. I walked away informed
and on my way to a major life transformation. Femke not only coaches and
trains with pizzazz, but she also knows how to give razor sharp feedback
with keen insights. Femke lives out the spirit of the Neuro-Semantic
community with passion, compassion, and a relentless apply to
— Daryl Carlson, www.itsyourbrain.com, Alaska

Femke is one of those trainers that manages to translate the mumbo-jumbo into plain English in a way that sticks. I really enjoy being in a training session with Femke, as i know I am in good hands. Anything not clear will soon be clear and presented in an easy to understand style. Femke is easy to engage with, she is down-to-earth, open and welcoming. For me that is important as I want a trainer who I can relate to and feel comfortable with, knowing that she has my best interests at heart. The best part of her trainings is her mischievousness that adds a wonderful lightness and playfulness whilst you are learning. — Dawn Voyce, Basel, Switzerland

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