The Quantum Leap Coach Training

For Certified Coaches Dedicated To Great Results For Their Clients

Next Start Date: January 31st, 2018

Solid confidence in your coaching; Consistent and extraodinary results for your clients.

This training is for anyone who has a coach certification. You may already have coaching clients or perhaps you're in the process of setting up your coaching business. If you're anything like me when I started out, you'll love what your coach training has brought you so far, but your coaching sessions still feel chaotic and you frequently get lost in the conversations. 

You sense of self consciousness is getting in the way of enjoying the process of coaching. You might wonder how lasting transformation works. You might also worry that you're not helping your clients get the results they really want. Sure, you know how to run processes on someone, and you have some success, but how do you get to that leverage point for change? 

That's where the Quantum Leap Coach Training comes in. The program teaches you how to transcend the traditional performance coaching and take it to developmental and transformational coaching. It teaches you the 5% you need to know about coaching that gets you 95% of the results.  

You'll be introduced to 1 streamlined, effective system that lets you know exactly where your client is in the change process, and how to grab hold of where the change power is. You'll learn to use your skills in such a way that your questions cut to the heart of things and help your client reach an outcome they hadn't even dared to dream of. 

And you will know exactly where in the change process your client is stuck, so that you'll know what to do to solidify change. 

The training is hands-on with lots of practice and opportunities to improve your skills through feedback. You'll feel confident in your coaching and get extraordinary results with your clients. 

If you'd like to master the art and science of coaching, then go ahead and schedule a free encourager session with me!

What Will You Get?

  • The Quantum Leap Training Series -- Life-time Access (including updates)

Over the course of 6 months you will be taken through the Quantum Leap modules. This includes videos, audio, and PDF files and lots of exercises. You will be introduced to several models for coaching and how they work together to streamline your coaching sessions and get to the core of the issue quickly and effortlessly. 

  • 6 months of bi-monthly training calls

As you go through the modules, we will have a group call every 2 weeks to practice coaching, ask questions and go over the materials. You'll be able to address anything that's holding you back from applying what you're learning. 

  • 5 Benchmarking Moments

You will get the opportunity for your coaching sessions (45 minutes each) to be benchmarked and get high quality feedback on the Quantum Leap core skills. The benchmarking is rigorous and designed to drastically improve your skills in a short amount of time. Getting specific, detailed feedback helps you take your skills to the next level quickly and easily.

  • 6 months access to supervision calls

After the training, you will get access to another 6 months of supervision calls. They are held bi-monthly and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions, go over case studies, and practice your coaching skills. This also includes all supervision call recordings since the start in 2013.  

  • Become part of an active community

To master the art and science of coaching goes beyond just a training. If you want to be great at anything, it means that you are continuously learning and staying on top of your field.  You'll be part of an online Facebook group where you can connect with other coaches and collaborate, share information, ask questions and start discussions. Having a support system of encouragers is vital to thrive in your coaching and in your business. 

How To Apply

Are you interested in joining the Quantum Leap Coach Training? You can schedule a call with me to apply for a spot on the next program.  

Your Trainer and Mentor

Femke Mortimore’s passion for coaching got its start in the most unlikely of places: a meat packing plant in the Netherlands. A 23-year-old trainee for ORMIT, a management development organization, Femke was charged with improving the company’s efficiency by training and coaching team leaders and assistants. Problem was, Femke was fresh from college and -- while armed with a master’s degree in International Business (a worthy accomplishment but of little help for the assignment at hand) -- was thrust into something for which she really, truly wasn’t prepared. Yet, at least. After what she called her “series of pleasant conversations” at the meat plant, however, Femke came away with a conviction to learn how to become one of the best at turning such conversations and insights into practical, applicable, transformative skills. She was set on mastering this art of coaching.

Fast forward 3 years, tack on innumerable trainings and certifications and many hours of coaching and Femke’s converted that passion into her profession. She has been coaching for over 15 years, starting out as an executive and leadership coach and ultimately moving on to train and mentor other coaches. She’s recently published her first book about the streamlined, integrated Quantum Leap Coach System.

As the developer of The Quantum Leap System, Femke’s focus is on sharing with her students the various nuances and techniques they need to help their clients discover their own breakthroughs. In essence, she helps mentor coaches up to those levels for which they’ve always aspired. As such, it only made sense that Femke would become the founder and owner of the aptly-name The Coach Mentor.

A Few Words From My Tribe:

Love, love, love The Coach Mentor. Femke’s style makes learning fun and easy, yet challenging. The program is super charged with effective information, therefore speeding up my coaching and business development success. I think most coaches underestimate the value and power of mentoring; I'd highly recommend it. Thank you so much!
Holli Hanson
Health and Vitality Coach
Working with Femke has built my confidence as a coach. I now get greater results with my clients and am able to repeat my success over and over. Femke is really inspirational and very supportive. I would recommend Femke's programs to anyone wanting to build a successful coaching business based on real results
Per Hed
For me, working with Femke helps me continually repeat and practice what I know in my head. It’s easy to do, without having to go out again after work. My coaching conversations have completely transformed through The Coach Mentor. Having done the Lift-Off Business program, I know my ideal client which has made sales far easier and more fun. I love it! Thank you, Femke!
Kristin Langnes

How To Apply

Are you interested in joining the Quantum Leap Coach Training? You can schedule a call with me to apply for a spot on the next program.  

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