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The Quantum Leap Coach Mentor; Femke Mortimore

My mission with the The Coach Mentor is to provide a platform for Coaches that is easily accessible, sustainable, and fun for those who are dedicated to unleashing the very best in their clients.

I LOVE coaching. But,  I got really fed up with meeting people who’ve got 8 different coaching models, and, because of their total confusion, still lack the confidence and necessary skills to become a professional coach. 

So I created The Quantum Leap – a proven, effective system which gets consistent results and allows me to regularly sign up high value clients. 

My Journey to the Quantum Leap System

Meta-Coach TrainerI discovered my love for coaching shortly after I started as a management trainee with ORMIT, a management development organization in the Netherlands. My second assignment was at a meat packing plant where I was part of a team that worked on improving the efficiency in the organization. As part of my role, I had to train and coach the teamleaders and team assistants of the different divisions. Even though I had no clue how to coach (honestly, they were more pleasant conversations than anything else), I truly loved the idea of bringing out the best in someone through conversation.

With a master’s degree in International Business, I obviously lacked the skills for coaching. Driven by my strong sense of purpose, I spent much of my free time in trainings. I started with the NLP practitioner and master practitioner in 2002. When I got my certifications I assisted on about 7 or 8 pracs and master pracs, and then went to NLPU to get my trainer’s license.

Yet, I still felt that something was missing. I was now able to run patterns on people, and what to do with clients in certain situations. What I didn’t know, was how to structure an entire coaching program. How did transformation actually work? And what would make it last? In my search for answers, I found the Meta-Coach training system. In 2005 I went through that training and gained an understanding of change and transformation that I didn’t have before. Why, then, did I still feel a lack of confidence?

This was true for others who had gone through the training, and many of my NLP and Meta-Coach friends/colleagues eventually gave up on their dream to coach. That just didn’t seem right. So I started a journey to figure out how to make it simpler, yet more effective. After years of developing my skills and helping coaches work on honing theirs, the Quantum Leap System organically grew out of my desire to streamline the coaching process and how I trained coaches.

As you might have guessed by now, I am passionately dedicated to mastery in the field of coaching. From the very beginning I have felt a strong sense of responsibility to those I coach. If I am going to help my clients unleash their best, I have to be my very best both in my attitude as well as in my skills.

What I love even more than coaching itself, is teaching others the art and science of coaching. It truly is a profession, and it takes dedication and lots of practice to get to a certain level of coaching. I aim to give my very best to my students so that they can give their very best to their clients.

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