You're a coach. But you're not coaching. Instead, you are stuck in procrastination...

Your dream is to have a thriving coaching business and make an impact to others. 

Yet somehow, the thought of putting yourself out there and get clients terrifies you. 

You feel overwhelmed in your coaching sessions and don't know how to dive deep. You feel like you're lacking a clear pathway to consistently get someone results. At the same time, you have no idea how to start getting clients, let alone charge a healthy fee for your services.  And, perhaps most importantly, you feel like a fraud. How can you help others, if you feel like a mess yourself? 

And Let's Be Honest: Procrastination Is A Bitch.

Not living your purpose and the abundance that comes with it, is freaking frustrating, don’t you think? But not only that, it is very costly.  

I can help.

Look, here's the thing. When it comes to breaking free from your fears and self-doubt, gathering more information is not the answer. It's tempting to invest in more books, continue to do buddy coaching and add more tools to your coaching toolbox. 

First of all, they are the SLOWEST way to master coaching, and secondly they don't build the confidence you feel will help set yourself free to put yourself out there. 

In addition, most business trainings will tell you that you should just charge a premium price. They may even teach you an easy blueprint for getting clients super fast, but they don't teach you the underlying principles. As a result, you don't "get" what you are supposed to be doing. It only adds to the overwhelm. 

And the fact is, no matter how great a strategy is, if you are procrastinating then you'll end up with some great strategies but you're still stuck. As you may have already experienced. 

The Coach Mentor is different.

I focus on the trifecta of a successful coaching business: an unstoppable inner game, rock-solid coaching skills, and a kick-ass business strategy that gets my clients from procrastination to thriving in just a couple of months.  

Go ahead and take a look around my site. And when you're ready, you can watch the complimentary training I use to help my clients get life-changing results in their coaching in just a few months, work with clients they love and charge a healthy fee for their services. 

Welcome to The Coach Mentor. 

Love, Femke Mortimore

My Book "THE QUANTUM LEAP COACH SYSTEM" is now available on Amazon. 

If you sometimes struggle with the coaching process, this book is written for you. It's a streamlined system to get extraordinary results in your coaching. 

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